Why is this Better than a Spin Class?

The main advantage is that you become more comfortable riding your own bike. If you have had a proper bike fit, your bike is ergonomically positioned to reduce stress, injury and fatigue on your knees, neck, wrists and shoulders. Only three adjustments can be made on spin bikes: seat height, handlebar height and distance from seat to handlebars.  Training on your real bike through the winter makes you far more comfortable once you get back out on the road.  And, if you have invested in a smooth, perfectly light, comfortable, carbon-fibre race specification beauty, you want to use it.

Who Should Attend?

Beginners and Elite Athletes can all ride together. All 8 of our Wahoo Kickrs are connected to a computer that automatically adjusts resistance for each person. The computer adjusts the resistance of the ride based on your FTP(Functional Threshold Power).  If you don’t know your FTP, we will help you determine a starting point.  We conduct regular FTP tests to monitor improvements and ensure you are getting the most out of your workout.

What do I Bring?

  • Your bike. The Wahoo Kickr works without your rear wheel, so training tires and skewers are not required. Please make sure you have a 10 or 11 speed cassette on your bike (count the number of sprockets on the back of your bike).  If you have a different set-up, contact us and we will see if we can accommodate (we can accommodate disk brakes and other bikes as well).
  • ANT+ or Wahoo heart rate monitors and cadence sensors can be paired with the Kickr
  • Cycling shoes
  • 1-2 water bottles
  • Towel

Why Train at Dig Deep?

With progressive workouts guided by an experienced coach, training indoors in a controlled environment will help you improve your fitness faster than you can do on your own. The workouts are also more enjoyable with the social component of riding with a group, entertainment with good music and feedback during your workouts. Our typical sessions are 60-90 minutes long and include time for warm-up, a specific intensity workout, and cool-down.

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