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Dear Potential Sponsor:

We have an exciting opportunity for you to participate in a new women’s Cycling  club in Ontario.

Our Club is seeking businesses like yours to join us in the upcoming 2022-23 season.  After a long 2 years of very few in person events, we are more ready than ever to get out there and promote our programs and inspire all women and girls to do the same.  We would like you to take a moment to review our proposal, to see how we can work together to meet your marketing needs, increase your social responsibility, and help us to be successful.  Although we love racing and training; we love it more when everyone wins!

Prior to the pandemic Cycling and Triathlon both as a sport and recreational activity had grown tremendously in so many different ways.  Local and group riding is at an all-time high, and women’s racing is growing at the fastest rate of any other sport, but women in Cycling andTriathlon still remain a minority.

This is where our club will differ.  We are an inclusive club that welcomes any woman with any goal to be a part of a bigger collective of supportive women that love to ride bikes, run, swim while inspiring other women in the community to do so.  It’s where our club draws its strength; whether its helping new women learn to ride, helping a women try her first race in a supportive environment, supporting women in charity rides, or sending women overseas to represent Canada at World Championships; we will support everyone’s goals.

We have racers representing all areas of racing in Cycling, Running, Swimming andTriathlon (Road, Track, Mountain Bike, Time Trial, and Cyclocross & from Try-a-Tri to Ironman as well as Para-Cycling andTriathlon racers) and with over 25 women athletes in our group, the club is only set to grow bigger for 2022-23!

The invitation to join our club offers you a unique opportunity for high profile, positive public exposure, while supporting a minority community in healthy growing sports. 

While reviewing this proposal, we kindly ask you consider partnering with us to actively promote a healthy lifestyle in our community, while allowing area athletic women to market your company both locally, and all over the world at races.

Let’s both aim together to have you as our partner; a partnership where we are both winning, both literally, figuratively, and socially; the podium is not that far away!

Come and join our team as a sponsor, and let’s win 2022 together!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at your convenience.


Nancy Schmeler


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